Here you’ll find some of Chris’s solo work as well as projects recorded with The Live and Breathe; an original rock trio featuring Benjamin Wright and Corey Colmey

The Live and Breathe’s “Rete" was an album composed and recorded in 2017 for the Project Fibanacci Foundation  a local non-profit supporting STEAM education and community outreach.  Each track is based in some way on the Fibanacci sequence of numbers or, the Golden Ratio. 

The Live and Breathe’s "Big Blue North Vol. 1" is an EP of 3 tracks recorded in 2015.  Big Blue North is a world-class recording studio in Utica, NY set inside a converted church from 1926. 

The Live and Breathe’s self-titled first release, released in 2013

Rather Purely Simply

Chris’s first full length solo record, released in 2008.

Early Recordings

A collection of Chris’s early work from his time in Seattle, WA; 2002-2008.